I've been working in e-commerce for almost 5 years now and one day I thought, "Why not create my own products instead of just reselling other people's?" So on April 01, 2022 Jewelmind was founded. Why in April? Because my life is a joke, haha. All joking aside. Since I started making my own money, I've put way too much of it into clothing. Largely merchandise from video games, youtubers or series. So creating my own collections was the next, logical step. The first ideas have been buzzing around in my head for a long time, talented designers who can implement them were soon found.


The highest quality is just good enough, so I go for fairly traded and produced products whenever possible. T-shirts? Only with 100% organic cotton. If plastic is to be used in a product, then only recycled plastic. Before products are offered in the shop, I check them for my quality standards, document whether these are met and remedy any defects. In product images and descriptions, I present the print and material quality in the best possible way to guarantee the best possible buying experience.